Further Incidents of Travel (requests page)

The Search for the Forgotten Pyramids of Greece
with Folly and Bravado

On Tuesday, October 17 2000 09:39 pm, Jeremy and Lizzi Freeman-Wood <skywise@bridgeend.co.uk> wrote:

    Mystery, Intrigue and exploration! Just what we want to see. Did the stone-work remind you of certain sites in South America (mainly Mayan that close fitted 'jigsaw' style)? Perhaps a close up of some! Oh and a picture of the both of you being intrepid. Without anyone in the pictures scale is hard to judge.

Thanks - yes the stonework is similar to some South American sites but most reminiscent of Inca buildings, rather than Mayan (Peru trip next year).

Point noted about the scale issue, also raised by several other correspondents. We should have used some sort of standard object in all the pictures to give an idea about the size of them, a beer bottle sprang to mind!   Meanwhile here's a picture of Danny at Hellenicon as the self-timer function on my new camera seems to take the picture after only one second!

Needless to say we have dozens of pictures of various masonry formations but have tried to spare you too many of them.

This is a corner of the Hellenicon Pyramid.

On Tuesday, October 17 2000 10:04 pm, Stephen Rodgers <stephen.rodgers@uk.xo.com> wrote

    Show us some maps. I'm pretty sure I know where Greece is, but the rest of it is a mystery....

Point noted - maps of the whole trip and each site should come in the "epilogue" posting from Athens in a day or two.

"I'm having fun watching your progress. Great idea but where are the chicks?" - these are a bit old but hopefully will do!
OK, not a brilliant shot but it is blokes in skirts for Julian!

Also here's the bouzouki music (other Greek clichés coming later)

(this is the bit you need QuickTime for )

Yianni insisted, only a couple of years later, that we add this note next to the photo of the men carrying guns and wearning pom-poms on their shoes:

[They are, he explains] "Evzon, not men wearing pom poms"

(Ok now? ;o)

A donkey for Leila in Amsterdam.

As requested we called the first one Aesop, but as we had no other instructions we called the second one Aesop too.

They didn't seem to mind.

It may be the oldest inhabited town in Greece but the shopping is awful!
...more coming soon?