Further Incidents of Travel

The Search for the Forgotten Pyramids of Greece
with Folly and Bravado

We've now arrived in Athens after a relatively uneventful journey, the flight only being delayed for 45 minutes, a new record for our travels we think. If only they'd let you know before making you sit at the gate, then we wouldn't have had to rush our customary departure Guinness.

It's been a day of planning and organising but we've now sorted out the expedition vehicle, a Greek mobile phone contract and some local dial-up internet access, not a bad days work when it's sometimes a struggle just understanding the street names.


Somewhat to our own surprise, we also managed to track down a copy of “Pyramids of Greece” (yes, that's what it says although it's hard to tell isn't it), an obscure publication and only available in Greek. It was gratifying though, that our enquiries at one book shop so intrigued the woman, that she's ordering in a copy for herself. The photos may give us some clues for now and from what we've managed to decipher, it also has some useful references we can follow up on later. Frustratingly though, it doesn't contain the map we'd been hoping for but then that would have made things far too easy.
On our meanderings, we did come across this. It's not ancient but as far as pyramids go, it's the best we could manage for the time being.

So tomorrow we'll head off to the Peloponnese and start on some serious pyramid hunting. Tonight should be entertaining though, we've met a waiter called George who has promised to expound further on his theory that aliens built the Acropolis. Should be a laugh although obviously, we'll have to try very hard not to.